The objective at Agora International School Barcelona is to educate citizens of their time, with a solid intellectual and personal education. Pupils with an important music, sport and art education, as well as an education in values.

At our international private school we go beyond a traditional education. We give vital importance to music, sports and art, which are included as part of the curriculum, since they contribute to children’s cognitive development.

Music, the same as art, awakens skills and abilities which can be applied in other areas: concentration, memory, sensitivity, creativity and sensory development. Sport strengthens physical skills as well as values inherent to the activity: teamwork, companionship and respect, among others.



Music from an early age benefits children in a variety of ways. Our rigorous music programme introduces children to the world of music, favouring psychomotor and sensory development and sensitivity.


A truly all-round education includes sport, something which favours children’s physical and mental development by strengthening values such as companionship and respect while favouring motor development.

Creative Arts

Through art we teach our pupils to think creatively, to express themselves and to show their emotions. A dynamic activity through which pupils develop while awakening their most imaginative and creative side.

Extra-curricular Activities

At Agora International School Barcelona, we offer a wide programme of extracurricular activities through which children can learn while they have fun taking part in sporting activities, music, art and languages.