Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities | International Private School Barcelona

The rigorous programme of extracurricular activities at Agora International School Barcelona strengthens pupils’ physical, intellectual and social development. Music, sports, languages, robotics, chess and academic support to complement our pupils’ comprehensive education. Together with their teachers and classmates, they will have fun while they learn.

Language School

The Language School assists the language learning process through a practical and efficient methodology, with qualified, native teachers. Groups are organised according the pupils’ language levels, their needs, and the objectives to be achieved. There are reduced group sizes for the little ones, for young people and for adults; courses for senior citizens; conversation and reading activities; private classes…

  • English: pre-kids, kids, young learners and teens programmes, and preparation for official exams (FCE, CAE and CPE).
  • German: Levels 1 and 2 and preparation for official exams.
  • French: Levels 1 and 2 and preparation for official exams.
  • Chinese: Levels 1 and 2 and preparation for official exams.

Music School

The Agora International School Barcelona Music School works in collaboration with the Escolania de Montserrat, and is affiliated with the Liceu Conservatoire of Barcelona, following the educational tools, teaching materials and evaluation criteria of both. Over the course of the different levels pupils obtain the Basic Level Diploma (B1-B6) and the Advanced, awarded by the Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona.

  • Piano, violin, viola, and violoncello: for pupils in Infant Education P4, Primary Education and Secondary Education.
  • Saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums, trumpet, trombone and bass: from the age of 6 onwards, in Primary Education and Secondary Education.
  • Music Choir: choir singing for participation in different events.
  • Big Band: orchestra, for all string and wind instruments.
  • Combo: modern music group in which all instruments and voices can participate.
  • Choir: participation in Liceu Conservatoire concerts and support for exams.
  • Liceu Conservatoire Programme: instrument and voice, to follow the Liceu Conservatoire programme.
  • Musical Theatre: training in theatre, music and stage movement.
  • Multipercussion: work with a variety of percussion, “batucada” and body percussion activities. Percussion is a means to acquire music while exercising body and mind. It develops rhythm and it helps coordinate movement. It also develops motor skills and it promotes group work. Percussion helps develop concentration and memory. P3, P4, P5 Students.
  • Batucada: percussion ensemble. Participationm in Carnival and events. From Primary 3.


Robotics is a tool that allows children to develop their own strategies of knowledge and scientific understanding. Students learn in a practical, simple and motivating way, developing creative and entrepreneurial mindsets.

  • Infant Robotics: P4 and P5
  • Beginners: 1st– 3rd Primary
  • Advanced: 4th Primary – 1st ESO

Study groups and academic support

This activity aims to strengthen and provide tools for students who show some kind of difficulty or need to acquire new study and work techniques. The aim is to assimilate and consolidate learning, reinforce their knowledge, learn to study for exams and increase understanding and motivation.

  • Primary, ESO and Baccalaureate


International research and studies conclude that chess influences the development of cognitive and social skills of those who take part in this activity. Through this programme, students will make use of different types of memory, learn to solve problems and make decisions, and work on their concentration and mental computation while they learn the movements of the pieces and the rules of this game which offers them a variety of benefits.

  • Primary Education. 

Handy Craft Club

Come and learn to knit, sew and crochet. There will be projects to complete using the skills you have learnt, for example- a pencil case, phone case, bag, Christmas decorations, a hat. You can choose which method you prefer. We can share your ideas to make other things also. Get your fingers working! Workshop adressed to Primary students.

Agora Sports 

At Agora International School Barcelona we offer a comprehensive programme of sporting activities to enable children to develop physically and mentally while they learn values such as self-confidence, companionship and teamwork.

  • Multiesport: initiation into sport by playing games for pupils in Infant Education.
  • Modern dance: flexibility exercises, co-ordination, musical rhythm and concentration, for pupils in Infant Education and 1st and 2nd Primary.
  • Mugendo:  a modern martial art and innovative pedagogical system for pupils in Infant and Primary Education.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: activity to develop rhythm and learning, for pupils in P4, P5 and Primary Education.
  • Skating: Through skating, pupils in Infant, Primary and Secondary Education will develop their perception, body schema, balance and coordination.
  • Basketball: Pupils in Infant, Primary and Secondary Education will begin in the basic techniques, tactics, team play and sporting habits of this sport.
  • Football: 7-a-side and 11-a-side for “Pre Benjamin”, “Benjamin” “Alevín” and “Infantil” levels, in the Schools Football Association and Catalan Federation competitions.
  • Swimming: One of the most complete sports, since it uses every muscle in the body. For pupils of all ages.
  • Tennis and Pádel: These sports contribute to improving children’s motor skills. For pupils in Infant, Primary and Secondary Education.
  • Volleyball: Versatile sport which encourages good behaviour and teamwork. This recreational activity is aimed at pupils in Primary and Secondary Education.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a millennial art with its origins in India, a philosophy, a way of life which promotes integral development. Using the SURYAKIRANAM METHOD, which is a fun way to develop creative potential and help children to learn how to relax, connect with their bodies, channel their emotions, increase flexibility and help to correct scoliosis, learn to breathe properly and improve concentration and self-esteem. They will be given tools which they can apply in their day to day. In order to achieve this, we’ll practice breathing exercises, Mantas chants, Asanes (positions), games, medititation and relaxation.