School Services | International Private School Agora Barcelona

Agora International School Barcelona offers the following school services:

School Dining Room

School dining room and kitchen, with menus created under the supervision of a dietician to ensure an appropriate diet for pupils. In this way, we can also cater for specific medical dietary requirements.

School Transport

We offer various bus routes: Manresa, Igualada, Corbera, Vilafranca and Sant Feliu, Terrassa and Vallbona (if you are interested in the transport service, please get in touch with us for more information).

Extended school hours

We extend the school hours for families who need it, to ensure that they can easily combine family and school life.


In the school shop it is possible to buy school items as well as school uniform and items of clothing.

Conferences, talks and discussions organised over the course of the school year, both for pupils and parents.