The process of a well-rounded education which defines the educational excellence of our international school is continuous, permanent and participatory, given that it seeks the harmonious and coherent development of each and every one of the dimensions which make up human beings: ethical, spiritual, cognitive, affective, communicative, aesthetic, bodily and social.

Through educational excellence at our international school, we link all these dimensions with a rigorous curriculum which includes:

  • Language immersion in English as well as Catalan and Spanish, while boosting other languages such as Mandarin Chinese and French or German.
  • Internationalisation through our cultural exchange programmes with different countries around the world.
  • Music education as a model of sensitivity and increased awareness, and as a source of skills and abilities.
  • Sports training as a necessary complement to pupils’ physical and intellectual development.
  • Training in and the use and integration of new technologies in each and every area of knowledge.
  • Participation in charity actions with and for the local and regional community, enabling pupils to volunteer, work co-operatively and develop their sense of empathy.


The methodology used at Agora International School Barcelona is characterised by educational innovation and high academic and social performance, without sacrificing personalised attention for every pupil and for every need.

Educational Innovation

The use of new technologies, experiential learning and education in values define our educational project: a system of learning which is characterised by educational innovation.

Educational Stages

Our private international school has the administrative authorisation necessary to teach all levels of education: Infant, Primary and Secondary Education, and the Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate.

Our Teachers

In the implementation of our educational project, we start with the requirement of quality in our teaching team. Our teachers are chosen for the personal and vocational qualities which enable them to carry out their responsibilities.

Psychopedagogy Team

We see attention to diversity, taking into account the needs of pupils, as the pillar which gives meaning and value to the programmes and techniques of the Psychopedagogy team at Agora International School Barcelona.