Educational Innovation | International Private School Agora Barcelona

Educational Innovation characterises the programme of education at Agora International School Barcelona, a curriculum which includes new activities and which enables us to complement and improve the traditional curriculum taught at the majority of conventional schools. Through educational innovation, we offer extra value which favours the pupils’ academic and personal success.

Included within the curriculum are sports, music and art activities, traditionally considered as extra-curricular, as this ensures an all-round education. This educational innovation allows us to offer an education which goes beyond a traditional class, developing multiple intelligences and boosting our pupils’ interests and talents.

Plurilingualism is one of the fundamental aspects of our innovative educational programme. Learning English as a first foreign language holds a special place in our project. As our pupils advance through their academic stages, we introduce a second foreign language: French or German. We also offer Mandarin Chinese in Infant Education and the first few years of Primary Education.

The frequent use of new technologies in our classrooms is a key part of our educational innovation: writing, obtaining information, experimenting, simulating, communicating, learning a language, designing, etc. In this way, our pupils learn to apply computer skills in significant ways, using them flexibly and creatively. Furthermore, pupils in 5th Primary Education use tablets, which provide them with a variety of benefits, as a tool in their learning without completely giving up the use of textbooks.

Chess and the abacus are also part of this educational innovation which characterises our programme. Taking part in these activities benefits children in a variety of ways: helping them to develop their cognitive capacity and to achieve better academic results.

In addition, Agora International School Barcelona is a research-oriented, active and creative school which promotes participatory teaching through projects, something which allows the pupils to become the true protagonists of their own learning, always guided by their teachers. In learning through projects and via interactive and experiential methods, we aim for the pupil to develop a broad and open view of reality.

Our emotional intelligence programme is another of the characteristics which define the school’s educational innovation. Our staff boost our pupils’ self-esteem, empathy and social skills, so that they feel valued at all times. We develop their emotional intelligence, promoting self-control, helping pupils to face life’s challenges.

Our international school offers National and International Baccalaureate pupils a pre-university guidance programme which helps them to find their vocation. Throughout this stage in their education we use “Dialogue Coaching”, which includes 10 sessions of psychotechnical activities which aim to help pupils find their happiness and discover their goals in life. Similarly, we offer a Work Experience programme which brings pupils closer to the reality of the professional world.