Agora International School Barcelona– Educational Excellence – Methodology

The process of all-round education which defines the educational excellence of our international school is continuous, permanent and participatory, given that it seeks the harmonious and coherent development of each and every one of the dimensions which make up human beings: ethical, spiritual, cognitive, affective, communicative, aesthetic, bodily and social. That’s why the methodology used at school is based on:

  • The international character of our programme: English language immersion, with English, Spanish and Catalan as the three vehicular languages, as well as the use of Mandarin Chinese and French or German.
  • Internationalisation is the continuum of our expectations regarding expression, understanding, and written and oral communication of foreign languages through our cultural exchange programmes with different countries around the world: England, Belgium, France, Germany, the United States, etc.
  • Music Education is the greatest exponent of sensitivity and increased awareness, as well as a source of skills and abilities, through the incorporation of musical language and the early study of musical instruments in the curriculum, and with the rigour that comes with being a school linked to the Liceu Conservatoire of Barcelona, and from our agreement with the Escolonia de Montserrat.
  • Sports training as a necessary complement to pupils’ physical and intellectual development, taking full advantage of our privileged environment and our magnificent sports facilities.
  • Training in and the use and integration of new technologies (ICT and “TAC” – Technology for learning and knowledge) in each and every area of knowledge, and as tools to facilitate learning, research and innovation.
  • Participation in charity actions with and for the local and regional community, enabling pupils to volunteer, work co-operatively and develop their sense of empathy.
  • Parents’ School as a place to exchange experiences and take part in activities together, consolidating the pupil-family-teacher communication process.