Agora International School Barcelona has the administrative authorisation necessary to teach at all academic levels. We offer all educational stages, adapted to meet the different needs of our students in a study environment which promotes academic spirit, helping pupils to achieve their goals at every one of the educational stages.

Infant Education

Infant Education is the fundamental stage in the educational process, since this is when we lay the foundations for the whole school journey. Stimulation from a young age, through a complete, multidisciplinary programme, enables the children’s all-round development.

Primary Education

In Primary Education we work on a set of skills which favour the consolidation of individual values such as autonomy, critical spirit, initiative, responsibility and self-regulation, as well as collective values.

Secondary Education

The main objective of the Secondary Education stage is to provide our pupils with the necessary resources to develop a critical, analytical and rational spirit which enables them to participate actively and efficiently in society.


We prepare our Baccalaureate pupils to be rigorous and show responsibility and determination, so that they can achieve the best results possible and therefore have no trouble in successfully moving on to higher level studies.

International Baccalaureate

With the International Baccalaureate, students can bring their studies here to an end by earning both qualifications: the National Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate. A plan of studies focused on an international outlook which will enable them to attend the most prestigious universities.