Agora International School Barcelona – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Baccalaureate

Agora International School Barcelona offers the option to study the four branches of the L.O.E Baccalaureate:

  • Science/ Health Sciences
  • Technology
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences

The subjects offered in each one of the branches of the Baccalaureate have been designed to help our pupils access the greatest number of degrees possible, at universities in Cataluña and in the rest of Spain.

We prepare our Baccalaureate pupils to be rigorous and show responsibility and determination, so that they can achieve the best results possible and therefore have no trouble in successfully moving on to higher level studies.

We place high importance on experimental work in the labs, and on learning languages. We participate in international projects in which the vehicular languages are English, German or French.

We also take part in recognised competitions both in sciences and philology in order to boost our pupils’ spirit of research and innovation.

We bring our Baccalaureate students close to the reality of university life by attending information open days organised by different universities. We guide pupils towards the option which best fits their skills and qualities through tests and exercises from tutorials as well as the Psychopedagogy Department.

We make sure that our Baccalaureate pupils are able to move on to the higher-level studies they have chosen for themselves and help them find the best option or the most appropriate university for this.

In addition, both the National and International Baccalaureate programmes include a pre-university programme which helps pupils to find their vocation and assists them in choosing their profession. In this way pupils are able to discover their strengths and weaknesses, improve these, and reach their objectives. That’s why, over the two academic years of the Baccalaureate we do “Dialogue Coaching”, which includes 10 sessions in which pupils take part in a series of activities to help them find their happiness and discover their goals in life. After the University Entrance Exams (P.A.U), we offer a Work Experience programme which brings our pupils closer to the reality of the professional world through a placement in a company.

We believe it is extremely important that our pupils are given the widest variety of possibilities and the resources necessary to succeed both personally and professionally. The Baccalaureate programme prepares them to be what they want to be, since whatever they decide, they will be prepared.