Agora International School Barcelona – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Primary Education

In Primary Education we work on a set of habits which favour the consolidation of individual values such as autonomy, critical spirit, initiative, responsibility and self-regulation, as well as collective values like co-operation, solidarity, respect and tolerance. We also work on procedural values such as dialogue, the capacity for conflict resolution, decision making and collective actions, starting from the foundations created in Infant Education and establishing a well-rounded education for Secondary Education and Baccalaureate.

Aiming to contribute to a complete education through working on said values, the Primary Education phase is founded on:

  • Pupils’ all-round development, favouring their independence and allowing them to assume responsibility for their own learning.
  • Personalised tutorials with the aim of creating a secure environment for pupils and maintaining smooth communication with families through different channels.
  • Developing work strategies and using tools for the resolution of common situations in the classroom and in their daily lives.
  • Promoting and creating real-life situations which require the use of the school’s three vehicular languages: English, Catalan and Spanish. The language project is completed with the study of Mandarin Chinese and French or German in 6th Primary.
  • Boosting creativity through art, developing projects related to different painting styles and music, given that we are linked with the Liceu Conservatoire of Barcelona and the Escolania de Montserrat.
  • Physical activity, not only to improve motor skills but to work on an education in values, making the most of our privileged location, magnificent facilities and Sports Club.