School Exchanges | International Private School Agora Barcelona

At Agora International School Barcelona we offer pupils a variety of opportunities to improve their language skills – one of these is international exchanges. This is a unique experience which not only helps pupils learn how to manage in another language, but opens doors for them worldwide and teaches them values which will be useful throughout their lives.

Though one of the main objectives of an exchange in a foreign country is language learning, this experience benefits pupils in a variety of ways. It opens their minds to other cultures and helps them to develop values such as respect and diversity. These are skills which will help them to become true citizens of the world, facilitating their access to a great professional future.

Through international exchanges pupils will leave their fears behind, develop maturity and meet students from other cultures, something which will help them to define themselves as people and discover their true aspirations.

Furthermore, an experience away from home will help them to become more independent, to face daily situations and learn to make decisions. Having more independence, becoming more mature, developing tolerance towards other cultures and learning another language quickly and effectively are just some of the advantages of taking part in an exchange programme. It is a differential element which will contribute to their academic and professional future.