Agora International School Barcelona – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Infant Education

Infant Education (P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5), is the stage at which the children develop on an emotional, affective, physical, motor, social and cognitive level. It is a key stage in the development of the very youngest students. That’s why we offer personalised attention, respecting their rhythms and needs in a comfortable and stimulating environment filled with affection and respect.

Infant Education is a unique learning opportunity, for children to play together and build relationships while they share and enjoy their space and experiment with different activities. Psychomotor skills, English, music and swimming are an important part of this complete, high-quality programme which benefits our pupils in a variety of ways and lays the foundations for future educational stages.

English immersion with our trilingual teachers is another distinguishing feature of our programme. Through play, music and art, among other activities, the very youngest learn to speak English and develop a positive attitude to other languages and cultures. Furthermore, from the age of 3 onwards they can begin to learn Mandarin Chinese.
At Agora International School Barcelona, every child is the creator and the protagonist of their own learning, accompanied by our experienced teaching staff. That’s why we promote and stimulate creativity through fun activities and experiments, such as art, symbolic games, psychomotricity and music, to help them to develop abstract thought and become a unique being.

In Infant Education, a close relationship between family and school is fundamental, in order to accompany the child throughout their growth. The children develop happily, playing and discovering their skills in a familiar environment with a great team of professionals who will pass on a passion for learning.

With Happy Learning you will understand why our pupils are glad when Monday comes around!