International Private School Agora Barcelona

Agora International School Barcelona is an international private school which belongs to the educational group NACE Schools. The education offered at this international private school is distinguished by educational innovation and high academic and social performance, without sacrificing personalised attention for every pupil and for every need. We offer trilingual, mixed, secular teaching which is always respectful of the beliefs of every family and open to enriching dialogue.

The objective of this international private school is to prepare our pupils academically and personally so that they become citizens of the world – a globalised and ever-changing world which requires competitiveness and preparation. That’s why the school focuses on educational innovation, a methodology based on values and a personalised education, to help our pupils to reach their maximum potential, understand themselves, know what they want and achieve their dreams.

At our international private school we teach a truly international education. This is one of the main characteristics which distinguishes us as one of the schools in the NACE Schools group. This prestigious educational group is present in 4 countries: Spain, France, the UK and India, and despite their geographical differences, each school shares the same educational project based on 3 pillars: educational excellence, global readiness (including language immersion) and co-curricular excellence.

Letter from the Headmaster

Andrés Rosás, Headmaster of Agora International School Barcelona, talks to us about the academic and personal preparation provided at the international private school.

School History

Agora International School Barcelona was founded in 2008, and counts on the expertise of its highly qualified and experienced teaching staff who adapt to the needs of each and every pupil and guide them throughout their life at school.

Educational Project

Educational excellence, global readiness and co-curricular excellence are the three pillars which uphold the educational project of our international private school.

Our Values

We educate people with a spirit of self-improvement, social commitment and tolerance, who know how to live successfully in 21st century society.

Mayo, 2017

Opciones de clasificación
1MayTodo el díaNational Holiday.
2MayTodo el díaBank Holiday.
4May - 5Todo el díaBasic Skills Official tests: Primary 6.
5MayTodo el díaGuidance reports: Secondary students
10May - 16Todo el díaAssessment week: BACC 2 (Please see CAV).
17MayTodo el díaExtracurricular musical theatre performance.
17MayTodo el díaActuación de Teatro Musical.
19May - 24Todo el díaReset Exams: Baccalaureate 2
22May - 26Todo el díaExtracurricular Music Concerts.
25May - 31Todo el díaAssessment week: ESO and BACC 1 (Please see CAV).
25May - 31Todo el díaAssessment week: Primary Education (Please see CAV).
26MayTodo el díaBACC 2 Graduation at 8.30pm.
29May - 2JunTodo el díaOpen Swimming lessons (Infant School and Primary).