Agora Barcelona- International Private School – Letter from the Headmaster

Dear families,
It is a pleasure to welcome you to this new academic year, in which our objective is still to educate your children to make them citizens of their time, professionals who are educated and competent in their field, and especially, well-rounded and happy people.
To do this, and with renewed enthusiasm, we begin this period of consolidation in which we will place particular emphasis on the growth of the school as well as on the consolidation of the pillars which characterise us as an educational group and by which we are identified as an institution: a sound intellectual education which provides our pupils with an international character and mastery of English, an outstanding education in musical culture and sport, and an excellent personal education which lays the foundations for values, personal growth, fulfilment and happiness.

Intellectual Education
At Agora International School Barcelona, we choose academic preparation which works on both content and competence, and which provides pupils with the tools for learning which not only enable them to develop successfully during their school life, but prepare them for a professional future in a globalised and ever-changing world. In this world, personal skills such as the capacity for analysis and synthesis, communicative skills, and abilities such as resilience and decisiveness are becoming more and more valued.
This preparation for their future also involves mastery of English, new technologies and international experiences, all of which provide Agora pupils with an open-minded attitude which prepares them for the International Baccalaureate and will set them apart in their university and professional lives.

Education in Music and Sport
Similarly, we focus on promoting the mental and physical development of our pupils through music and sport. With our Music Project, we educate our pupils in the foundations of music knowledge, and enable them, from a young age, to develop abilities such as creativity, intuition, spatial-temporal sequencing and linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. In the same way, through sport we boost their capacity for team work and educate them in health and in the organisation of leisure and free time

Education of People
The previous points would be incomplete and lack the ultimate meaning we seek for our project, if they did not culminate in personal work which instils in every one of our pupils the formation of character and their own way of thinking, as an accompaniment which allows them to face challenges for themselves with responsibility and respect. In short, educating people with a spirit of self-improvement, social commitment and tolerance who know how to live successfully in 21st Century society.
To do this, we count on the support of the best team of professionals who will act as a guide throughout the journey, thanks to personalised attention, cutting-edge pedagogy and educational excellence programmes which tackle valuable aspects such as emotional education in the classroom, quality pre-university guidance, and social and leadership participation programmes.
Without further ado, and with the enthusiasm I talked of at the start, I take advantage of this opportunity to thank you for the confidence that you show in our school every day. I invite you, with your support and commitment, to feel like an integral part of this great challenge we have in our hands: providing your children with a quality, all-round education which includes all dimensions of human development: personal, family, and social.

Warm wishes,
Andrés Rosás