Agora International School Barcelona – School Values

The school’s values are the backbone of the three pillars of pupils’ academic and personal progress at Agora International School Barcelona. Our programme is designed for different educational levels, which enables us to attend to the educational needs of our pupils at all times.

In every one of the areas of knowledge and learning, we work on the school values; their acquisition is part of pupils’ day-to-day life. We work on emotions with pupils from a young age, forging a series of habits which form the foundation for people who are disciplined, respectful  and good companions.

Among the main values at school are knowing how to do and knowing how to be. Knowing how to do means being rigorous with oneself, adhering to rules constructively and having self-discipline. Knowing how to be is synonymous with being honourable and an exceptional ambassador for Agora International School Barcelona and the group to which it belongs, strengthening ties of loyalty and belonging.

The foundation of educational excellence is excellence as a person. That’s why we start working on the school values during Infant Education. Through our daily work routines and habits, our pupils internalise the values of effort; self-discipline; respect for themselves and for others; tolerance; and, in ESO and Baccalaureate, they develop critical thought and a capacity for conflict resolution, as well as a spirit of entrepreneurship, research and constant innovation.

Pupils’ participation in external and community charity projects throughout their life at school, and particularly in Primary Education, means putting the school values into practice and strengthening their sense of solidarity and empathy.