Mayo, 2017

Opciones de clasificación
1MayTodo el díaNational Holiday.
2MayTodo el díaBank Holiday.
4May - 5Todo el díaBasic Skills Official tests: Primary 6.
5MayTodo el díaGuidance reports: Secondary students
10May - 16Todo el díaAssessment week: BACC 2 (Please see CAV).
17MayTodo el díaExtracurricular musical theatre performance.
17MayTodo el díaActuación de Teatro Musical.
19May - 24Todo el díaReset Exams: Baccalaureate 2
22May - 26Todo el díaExtracurricular Music Concerts.
25May - 31Todo el díaAssessment week: ESO and BACC 1 (Please see CAV).
25May - 31Todo el díaAssessment week: Primary Education (Please see CAV).
26MayTodo el díaBACC 2 Graduation at 8.30pm.
29May - 2JunTodo el díaOpen Swimming lessons (Infant School and Primary).

Agora International School Barcelona – School Calendar

The Agora International School Barcelona school calendar fits in with the standard term-time periods in the rest of the country. Furthermore, we complement this school calendar offering a wide variety of educational programmes during holiday periods such as summer and Easter, taking into account the needs of our families, so that the children continue to learn while they have fun.