Agora International School Barcelona – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Secondary Education

The main objective of the Secondary Education stage is to provide our pupils with the necessary resources to develop a critical, analytical and rational spirit which enables them to participate actively and efficiently in society. We want our students to be well-rounded, competent people.

Our work methodology enables them to acquire good work and study habits, so that they develop self-discipline, perseverance and effort. Oral and written communication is strengthened in every subject in order to enable pupils to put together a logical, coherent and well-argued development in any topic.

We are a reflective and active school. Responsibility and self-control are vital tools for every pupil’s personal development. We believe in a creative and participatory methodology, so every pupil can find their way and achieve successful experiences in every task they undertake.

The most characteristic features of the Secondary Education Stage are:

  • Trilingualism: each subject is taught in its own vehicular language (English, Catalan or Spanish). Furthermore, all our pupils study a second foreign language (German or French).
  • Daily work on skills, competences and multiple intelligences.
  • Multidisciplinary programmes, appropriate for the social reality around us.
  • Direct and active experiences in reduced class sizes.
  • Co-operative learning in teams, in pairs and individually.
  • Personalised education through frequent, individual tutorials.
  • Qualifications and exams, with official recognition from the University of Cambridge, Alliance Française, Deutsche Akademie and Hang Ban Institute (Youth Chinese Test). This certifies pupils’ achievement of the expected objectives in the different linguistic programmes in each of the languages offered and in each of the academic years, depending on and taking into account the development of each one of our pupils.

Before reaching the end of 3rd ESO, with the help and guidance of our specialists, tutors and the results from evaluations carried out by the Psychopedagogy Department, pupils can choose the route which will take them on to the Baccalaureate and to future university studies.