Through the present DATA PROTECTION POLICY, EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L (hereinafter the School) informs users about the web site accessible via the URL http://colegiobarcelona (hereinafter, “Web AIS Barcelona”), which is managed and operated by EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L, with registered address at Calle Foronda, 6, Madrid, with C.I.F. B-85194827 and recorded in the Trade Register of Madrid, Volume 24,676, Section 8, Sheet 41, Page M-444132 (hereinafter, “The School”).

    In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December for the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD), the data provided by the user via the CONTACT FORM on Web AIS Barcelona, in particular in the CONTACT AND ADMISSIONS area, as well as any other that the School may collect and handle in the course of its activity, whether through the mentioned form or through systems and media separate from this website, will be incorporated into the corresponding files, property of EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L, which are duly registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).
    Files owned by EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L, will be treated in accordance with this DATA PROTECTION POLICY, through which the user who provides personal information via Web AIS Barcelona (CONTACT FORM) is informed about how his/her personal information will be handled, the uses for which it is collected, his/her legal rights and how to exercise these.
    Navigation and access to Web AIS Barcelona does not require the user’s prior registration, so in this sense personal data will not be gathered, excepting what is established in the following section 3 a).
    Access to the Private or Restricted Area of Web AIS Barcelona is done by those users who by providing the School with certain personal data, have formalised the procedures relevant to the enrolment of pupils in the School. In this case, the School automatically provides the user with a personal username and password to access the mentioned areas. All of this data forms part of the files which belong to the School. Therefore, to access these areas it is not necessary for the user to previously register via Web AIS Barcelona.
    If the User should decide to fill in the CONTACT FORMS, providing data related to name, surname, phone number and email address, this data will form part of the file named: Pupils, parents and potential clients, for which EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L. is responsible.
    The purpose of the data gathered by the School through the CONTACT FORM is to correctly respond to requests for information, questions, suggestions or comments from the user to the School, as well as the delivery of general information regarding activities and services related directly or indirectly to the School. The delivery of this information can be done by the School electronically.
    The School will under no circumstances be liable if a minor has provided details via the CONTACT FORM without the express consent of his/her parents or guardians. The School, by virtue of the details requested, has no way to determine if this access is carried out by a minor, these are circumstances beyond their control.You may at any time request to stop receiving commercial communications via email at the address or via letter to the address of EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L. located at the top of this PRIVACY POLICY.
    In general terms, there are two types of handling:
    Automated: are those situations in which information is gathered without your involvement. As is explained in the following section, you have the appropriate technical measures available to you in order to avoid this handling in the event that you are not in agreement.
    Voluntary: are those situations in which (1) You voluntarily provide personal information linked to yourself or (2) a third party legitimately provides information about You. In this document you will find detailed information about your rights, and in particular, about how to protect your privacy in the event that this is affected by a third party illegitimately providing information about You.
    When You access the Agora Website (whether in the open or private area) one or various temporary files called “cookies” (or session logs) collect the IP assigned by the operator at that moment (if you have connected via the address, as well as session data (storing which sections of the website you have visited, your username and password – if at any point these have been used in order to access the private area – session duration, etc.). This information is used for merely statistical and demographic purposes, and in order to know which content and/or activities are of most interest to visitors, as well as to check whether navigation on the website is easy and intuitive. Therefore, cookies do not provide personal data.
    You can at any time set your browser to not accept “cookies” or delete those which may have been installed, and continue to browse anonymously in the public area of the website.
    Personal data collected by the School in accordance with the present PRIVACY POLICY will be stored in databases and handled at all times in accordance with the prevailing laws relating to protection of personal data.
    In particular, we inform you that the School has implemented and will maintain at all times the necessary technical security measures to guarantee the security of your personal data and avoid alteration, loss and unauthorised handling and/or access of these, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed. All of this pursuant to the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21st of December which approved the Development of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, of Personal Data Protection.
    The School will not surrender databases of personal data.
    However in the event of the sale of EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L. or its assets, your personal data may be surrendered to the legitimate purchaser of these, who will replace EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L. for all legal purposes.
    Should you provide the School with personal details, you may exercise your RIGHTS OF ACCESS, AMENDMENT, OPPOSITION AND/OR CANCELLATION at any time, via email to the email address or by letter sent to the address of EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AGORA MASIA BACH, S.L. indicated at the top of this PRIVACY POLICY with the “Ref.: Datos Personales”.
    The School may modify at any time the terms and conditions of the present PRIVACY POLICY through the publication of the new policy at this same link, indicating the date on which it becomes effective (shown by the date of publication).
    We ask that you please check this link regularly.

Date of publication: 22nd April 2013, at 15:00 pm (peninsular time).

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